Bedfordshire LOC

Moorfields @ Bedford documents and guidance

Emergency (ie Same Day Referrals:

Moorfields@Bedford (Mon-Fri 0900 - 1700)

    Write a referral letter include Px Mobile no DOB Address etc

    Phone to Discuss with clinic and fax letter

    Clinic will either give you a time and date or will contact the patient themselves.

      Emergency No: 01234 792 643

      Emergency Fax: 01234 792 086 (Reception)

If the Px cannot get there by 4pm on Friday please getr in touch with L&D or Moorfields 162 City Road London EC1V 2PD:

Out of Hours Moorfields (London) 24 Hrs

Send Px to A&E (with a letter).

No need to phone but you can discuss with on call fellow if you have a real query:

Tel 0207 253 3411  

Routine Referrals: Send letter direct to eye clinic (Copy to GP):

Hospital Optometrists, Moorfields Eye Clinic at Bedford Hospital, Kempston Road, Bedford, MK42 9DJ.

Patients Only: Queries about appointments: 01234 792 046 or fax 01234 795 914.

Clinicians only: If an OO/DO/CLO wants to discuss routine query with an Optom call: 01234 795 789.



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